Reading and Writing Links

Mad Libs Fill in Parts of Speech and make funny stories!
Contraction Games Memory, Flash Cards and More

TLC Resources A broad range of resources through the Technology Learning Center of OUSD
Reference Tools Dictionaries, Encylopedias, Quotations, Maps, the works!
Blue Web’n Blue Ribbon award winning Web sites and projects
Uncle Sam for Kids Web resources, organized by subject, created by a librarian
Kids Click Web search for kids by librarians.
Haiku Links History, Poems, Activities.
Poetry Tour
Learn about different forms of poetry and much more!
Poetry by Ken Nesbitt Funny poems about school and everything else.
KidzPage Poems of Ogden Nash, Critter ABC’s and more!
Forms of Poetry for Children Limericks, Haiku, Mother Goose and more!
Tips for Young Poets Good ideas from a poet for a poet.
An Apple a Day A collection of poetry by second graders
Cool Poetry Links Published Children’s Poets on the Web
Writing Resources
Writing Fix Interactive writing games, prompts and more!
Capitalizing Title Practice A place to practice which words you capitalize in a title!
Sample Animal Report See a three paragraph informational text!

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