Kit Learns a Lesson, reviewed by Susana


Do you like  books that have ponies and rainbows and only happiness? If you do, this is not the book for you. If you like realistic fiction books then you should read this book. This book is about a girl named Kit who is going through the great depression. She has boarders at her house. She has 2 nurses, a musician, Mrs. Howard and her son Stirling and her mom, father, her older brother Charlie and herself living at her house. Kit’s best friend is Ruthie and she is always loyal and a great listener. Kit loves to write she is very curious and doesn’t like to feel sorry for herself.

In this book Kit and her classroom are making a Thanksgiving basket for the soup kitchen (A place to get free food). Her class is also decorating the stage for the Thanksgiving pageant. A boy in her classroom named Roger who this he’s a know it all gets in a fight with Kit, Ruthie ,and Stirling Kit pushes Roger and he falls on the ladder and then paint falls on him. Their punishment is they have to deliver the Thanksgiving basket instead of seeing the pageant when she delivers the basket she see’s a surprise. She also finds out her dad is going to Chicago to find a job. She tries to make her dad stay with a plan she makes.

Read it to find out. The lesson is that you shouldn’t give up and you need to stand for other people.

by Susana

Grade Five


My Father’s Dragon, Reviewed by Max


The first time I got to read My Father’s Dragon I was  really happy. The story made me cry at the end because of the dragon family. It was all so funny at the start to the end!!

Also you can read all three tales of my father’s Dragon! Find it at your local book store. You can see a map in every book! Also read it if love Dragons. It so five starts!

P.S. You are going to like it.

by Max

Grade Five

Betty’s Class

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Reviewed by Aja


Hey you! Yes you! Do you like books that will leave you mysteries such as “THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED. ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE?” Then I suggest you read this amazing book.When you read this story, you will be so amazed in Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

You will soon find out that Harry and Draco Malfoy are great enemies and HATE each other. You will not be pleased when you discover that all the blame from who opened the chamber gets put on….. If you would like to find out, please read this breathtaking book. Has the CHAMBER OF  SECRETS really been OPENED? How? By who? For what? Why?

I’m letting you in on a secret. The chamber of secrets is deadly to only muggle-born wizards/witches, but who is muggle-born? Now, you’re just lucky I let you in on one secret, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I’m  sure to make you find out on your own! Harry and his friends will take you on a once-in-a-life-time journey. So come and read this book. You would read it if you knew what was best for you.

Mrs. Barbara’s class


Grade 5

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Reviewed by Erica


The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane’s author is Kate Dicamillo, cover artist Bagram Ibatoulline and publisher Candlewick Press. The date it was published was on March 30, 2006. I recommend this book for anyone who loves adventure or losing something and finding it again.

Edward Tulane is a rabbit made of china. A ten year old girl named Abilene was given Edward by her grandmother. Abilene loved Edward and played with him a lot. While on vacation Edward fell overboard on accident. Edward was underwater for many days until a fisherman pulled him free. The fisherman brought him home to his wife and renamed him and made him wear dresses. Edward was passed on and on. He was with a hobo and his dog then a girl with pneumonia and her brother. The girl died and her brother had an argument with their dad saying that the dad didn’t care about her. Edward was broken against  a counter top edge. The boy gave the doll away to repair. After Edward was repaired he was on a store shelf. Abilene’s grandmother went t the store and bought Edward again. Edward is now finally happy with Abilene.

I can relate to this story because when I was younger I lost my doll just like Abilene lost Edward. I couldn’t find my doll for a month. I lost him during summer so then my family and I went on a cruise ship an I still didn’t find him. After summer School started and I found him in a box I my room. I was so happy.


Grade 5

Ms. Betty’s Class

Book Review: Smile by Annie


Smile is a graphic novel written by Raina Telgemeier, a New York Times Best Selling Author. This true story written from the author’s point of view is heartwarming and shows a path where you can meet a nice future with helpful friends. I enjoyed reading this book because it was so fascinating and fantastic. It has all these events of the author as a student in this book. I really suggest you to read this book, be empathetic and adventurous, open this book and start reading from the author’s point of view.

A normal sixth grader, that’s what Raina wants to be. But it hasn’t been good in middle school so far. Suddenly things got worse. It all happened on a night after Girl Scouts. Raina trips and falls, severely injuring her two front teeth. Now looking like a six year old, Raina’s not liking this. Traveling on a long frustrating journey, with braces, teeth surgery, embarrassing headgear, and even a retainer with fake teeth. Topped on all of that, Raina faces the even more challenging. A major earthquake happens, boy confusion, and friends who aren’t even friendly. The story of Raina takes us from middle school to high school, where she discovers her true friends and what friendship is all about. Finding all of that can open Raina’s first smile.

by Annie

Barbara’s Class

5th Grade

Interview: Sequoia Alumna and Big Sister, Clarisse, by Eleanor


Interview with Clarisse

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: Electric lime.

Q: Did Sequoia prepare you? Speak honestly!

A: Yeah, but I wish there was more freedom-you don’t actually get to taste freedom until middle school.

Q: Speaking of that, what middle school are you in as an 8th grader?

A: Bret Harte Bobcats, go Bobcats, exclamation point, smiley face (she actually said that).

Q: How do you like Bret Harte?

A: It’s really nice, the teachers are great, it’s better than Sequoia, on my part. It’s a really cool school to hang out in. The classes are really cool. It’s better than Sequoia.

Q: Can you confirm the nasty rumors about Bret Harte, such as there are fights every day and everyone who goes there is bad?

A: All schools have fights.

Q: Back to the question, can you confirm the rumors?

A: No. Bret Harte is truly an amazing school, the principal Tom Hughes is good. The rumors aren’t true!

Q: What high school are you planning to go to?

A: Skyline High.

E: Thanks, I won’t disturb you anymore.

A: Okay…

E: Teenagers.

by Eleanor

Grade 5, Ms. Betty’s class

The Third Wheel, Reviewed by Omari


Are you a kid who LOVES to laugh? Who can laugh so hard you’ll lose your breath or even snort? Then you should read DIARY of a WIMPY KID/ THE THIRD WHEEL. This book is MOST DEFINITELY the best book I’ve ever read so far in my life. JEFF KINNEY the author sure can write some fantastic books. This book is about how Greg Heffley is thrilled about getting a girlfriend  or a date to his school Valentine’s Day dance, but all the girls are rejecting him. P.S. He is not that cool.

My favorite part in the book so far is in the beginning when Greg Heffley is explaining his babyhood. He said that whenever his parents would kiss him, he would get so mad and give a big kick but his parents thought it was cute, but the way he explained it and how the pictured looked it was soooooo funny. You just have to read the book for yourself, and remember DIARY of a WIMPY KID/ THE THIRD WHEEL.


Grade Five