The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (reviewed by Eleanor))


Imagine you wake up riding in a bus in a desert holding hands with an unknown (still pretty) girl. You don’t know your age, you don’t know where you are, and worst, you don’t know who you are.

That is how The Lost Hero began. Jason, after waking up with 2 unknown friends, being attacked by storm spirits, and finding his “Coach” is actually a satyr, is tired. Tired of Drew-the girl from the Aphrodite cabin at his new “home”, Camp Half-Blood, where Greek demigods are trained, who is constantly trying to flirt. Tired of not knowing things, like his past and the weird tatoos on his arm. Even Chiron, Camp Half-Blood’s director, says Jason shouldn’t be alive. He says Jason belongs to a different camp- Camp Jupiter, the Roman enemy camp in the bay area. And why, then, was he wiped out and taken to Camp Half-Blood?

Piper is worried. Her new boyfriend, Jason, has had a sudden lapse in memory. Even worse, she’s been getting horrible dreams about her dad being killed. Then Camp Half-Blood strikes; she’s supposed to have a godly parent? As in a real Olympian Greek God? Puh-leez.

Leo is fascinated. After Jason, his best buddy, has suddenly forgotten his past, Leo doesn’t know what to expect. Then Coach Hedge, the satyr (just found out) is stolen by storm spirits and Leo has almost fallen off a cliff. Not cool. And now, at Camp Half-Blood, he has been named “Son of Hephaestus,” the cursed cabin. Which fits, because most of Leo’s life had been a curse, plus he was very handy-get it? Hah-oh, whatever.

Chiron sees meaning to these 3 friends, and enlists them on a special quest! Annabeth becomes friends with Piper. And Percy- Percy is gone. Percy is missing. And that’s what they are trying to get to the bottom of.

You should read this book! It’s amazing- like an add-on of Percy Jackson Series. You won’t regret it!


Room 11, Grade 5, Ms. Betty’s Class


The Witch at Blackbird Pond, Reviewed by Michael


The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a very good book. It takes place in the 1500s. There’s a girl whose father is leaving on a ship. She was sad so she went to the pond and she found the witch’s house. Then she walked into the witch’s house.

Kate lives in a shack but she still feels like she’s in a mansion. This part reminds me of when I went to Fiji and met a family that lived in a hut. The mom said that she loved the house anyway. It showed me that it doesn’t matter if you live in a dumpster, as long as you have friends and family.

This book taught me to be adventurous and not to be lazy. If you are lazy you will not find amazing stuff like castles and witches. If you are adventurous you would find dungeons and abandoned mine shafts and you would discover islands.  You would even discover Death’s Castle and then find a jewel that makes you live to be a thousand years old.

by Michael

Grade Five

Betty’s Class

Captain Underpants, Reviewed by Jayvon


This book is the adventure of Captain Underpants,written by Dav Pilkey. I recommend the book to others because it is funny, the reader will enjoy a good laugh. The book is about these two boys prank people and others. In this book, the principal was a bully but the two boys turned him into Captain Underpants with a magic ring. It was funny. It’s a great thing, but remember you can’t do it in real life.

What I learned from Captain Underpants is that you should not prank people. If you do you could get suspended from school. My brother and I used to prank each other but then my stopped it when I was about nine.

by Jayvon

Grade Five

Betty’s Class

Ninjago, Reviewed by Jacky


Do you love ninjas? Well probably you should read Ninjago because it has lots of ninjas fighting and training. Also four ninjas battle the snakes because they took their weapons. They all are awesome because they have lots of skills lots of training to do if they want to be a very trained ninja.

Well, my favorite part of Ninjago is that Cole got his full powers and turned bright as the sun. It was cool because he lifted up lots of suitcases and picked up his father. That’s my favorite part because he could of suffocated under those suitcases!

by Jacky

Fifth Grade

Betty’s Class

Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Food Fight, Reviewed by Salman


This book is awesome!! I recommend this book to all people all ages because it is interesting. In this book a fight starts before school and one of the people in the fight says that they will finish the fight at lunch… Then at lunch a food fight started and Jigsaw’s friend gets blamed. Now Jigsaw has one day to figure out who started it? Find out in Jigsaw Jones The Case of the Food Fight! This book is great!

My favorite part of this book is when the potato flies into Jigsaws face and when he whips off applesauce comes to his face!!

by Salman

Grade Five

Barbara’s Class

Help! I’m Trapped In The First Day of School, Reviewed by Ivoryonne


It was 7:00am it was the first day of  8th grade for Jake Sherman. Jake is now a Knight of wedgies with his friend Alex Silver. Now this year Jake and Alex pull pranks and bully 6th graders…[etc.] Jake takes a twist when he meets a girl named Amber, now since Jake met a girl  he cares about will things change. My favorite part of the story is when Jake told Alex not to put a 6th graders [which is boy] in the girls’ bathroom 1) Because he knew that Amber was in there and 2) He thought about how bullying is wrong. I learned that you can always fix something when it’s wrong.

It was the next day, Jake woke up. He got ready for school, When he went outside he found himself doing the same thing as yesterday. Now that the 1st day of school doesn’t stop what will Jake do? Read this hilarious  and curious book. It will have you laughing in tears and will have you leaving yourself in wonder. If you can read up to 114 pages and if your 8-10 years old this is the book for you.

By Ivoryonne

Grade Five

Betty’s Classroom

Published by: Scholastic Inc.

Year Published: 1994

Book review: Harry potter and the sorcerers stone by Nicholas


This is a story about Harry Potter, a ten year old boy who discovered that he is a wizard. Before I thought I would not like this book but I did and it was funny and interesting. The book is about Harry Potter who is stuck living with his evil aunt and uncle and his spoiled bully cousin. On his eleventh birthday he finds out he’s a wizard and he can go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At Hogwarts he’s able to have a normal life.

He makes two friends named Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger then he finds out that he is good at flying on a broomstick and at playing quidditch. The sorcerer’s stone is magical and it makes you immortal and Harry is involved in making it not get into the wrong hands. This book is a real page turner and I recommend this book. This book also makes me excited.

Grade 5


Ms. Barbara’s class