The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (reviewed by Eleanor))

Imagine you wake up riding in a bus in a desert holding hands with an unknown (still pretty) girl. You don’t know your age, you don’t know where you are, and worst, you don’t know who you are.

That is how The Lost Hero began. Jason, after waking up with 2 unknown friends, being attacked by storm spirits, and finding his “Coach” is actually a satyr, is tired. Tired of Drew-the girl from the Aphrodite cabin at his new “home”, Camp Half-Blood, where Greek demigods are trained, who is constantly trying to flirt. Tired of not knowing things, like his past and the weird tatoos on his arm. Even Chiron, Camp Half-Blood’s director, says Jason shouldn’t be alive. He says Jason belongs to a different camp- Camp Jupiter, the Roman enemy camp in the bay area. And why, then, was he wiped out and taken to Camp Half-Blood?

Piper is worried. Her new boyfriend, Jason, has had a sudden lapse in memory. Even worse, she’s been getting horrible dreams about her dad being killed. Then Camp Half-Blood strikes; she’s supposed to have a godly parent? As in a real Olympian Greek God? Puh-leez.

Leo is fascinated. After Jason, his best buddy, has suddenly forgotten his past, Leo doesn’t know what to expect. Then Coach Hedge, the satyr (just found out) is stolen by storm spirits and Leo has almost fallen off a cliff. Not cool. And now, at Camp Half-Blood, he has been named “Son of Hephaestus,” the cursed cabin. Which fits, because most of Leo’s life had been a curse, plus he was very handy-get it? Hah-oh, whatever.

Chiron sees meaning to these 3 friends, and enlists them on a special quest! Annabeth becomes friends with Piper. And Percy- Percy is gone. Percy is missing. And that’s what they are trying to get to the bottom of.

You should read this book! It’s amazing- like an add-on of Percy Jackson Series. You won’t regret it!


Room 11, Grade 5, Ms. Betty’s Class


10 thoughts on “The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (reviewed by Eleanor))

  1. Hey, Eleanor, I think that when I was 7 years old my grandpa read this to me. Your book review helped me remember every thing about t it! Thank you for helping me remember

  2. Eleanor, This book sound fascinating. Maybe ill try to find the book at the library and read it. Maybe if read it my head will explode. I like these fantasy books and your analysis is really interesting. I think you should write more about the analysis. This Book Rocks!!!


    Room 13

    Ms.Barbara’s class

  3. Hi Eleanor, I just started reading this book. I think it’s great and I like that that you put jokes at the end of each paragraph. I also like that you told a little about all the main characters. I got surprised when Medea was talking to Jane and said that Tristan McLean went to Oakland. If you were to be one person who would you be? I would be Leo with the fire ability and his magic tool belt. I really want to read the rest of Rick Riordan’s epic series.

  4. I have so many questions for you. I hope it is a good book because I just finished The Last Olympian. So I’m looking forward to reading it!

  5. Hey guys! I like your book review because it is vivid and gives you a lot of info! Now I personally want to read that book because the review is good! If I could be any guy I would be the manager at camp half blood because I have control of everything in the camp.

  6. Hi Eleanor, I already read that book and boy is it good. Also read The Son of Neptune. I’m right now on The Mark of Athena. I liked how you described how each character felt when Jason randomly woke up on a bus going on a field trip with no memory of how the heck he got there and why he has two friends that he doesn’t even know.

  7. Hi Eleanor, Im reading this book right now for home reading and so far its great! I think you did a great job and great summary and good descriptive words! Good Job!

    5th grade
    Ms.Barbara’s class

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