The Witch at Blackbird Pond, Reviewed by Michael

The Witch of Blackbird Pond is a very good book. It takes place in the 1500s. There’s a girl whose father is leaving on a ship. She was sad so she went to the pond and she found the witch’s house. Then she walked into the witch’s house.

Kate lives in a shack but she still feels like she’s in a mansion. This part reminds me of when I went to Fiji and met a family that lived in a hut. The mom said that she loved the house anyway. It showed me that it doesn’t matter if you live in a dumpster, as long as you have friends and family.

This book taught me to be adventurous and not to be lazy. If you are lazy you will not find amazing stuff like castles and witches. If you are adventurous you would find dungeons and abandoned mine shafts and you would discover islands.  You would even discover Death’s Castle and then find a jewel that makes you live to be a thousand years old.

by Michael

Grade Five

Betty’s Class


8 thoughts on “The Witch at Blackbird Pond, Reviewed by Michael

  1. Michael, I like what you wrote about being adventurous. A lot of times I am too shy to really try things and afterwards I kind of regret it. But the times when I take a deep breath and go for it, I always am glad later and it usually makes my life more exciting. Cool book review!

  2. Michael, I liked how you made a connection about Kate feels like she lived in a mansion. Also it was how you said that the book taught how to be adventurous, because some times if you be lazy you can miss out on adventure.

  3. Michael, I agree not to be lazy because if you were lazy you would`t learn about the world. It reminds me of another book I have read the name of the book is ivy+bean #3. Also it reminds of an adventure book I have read named A-Z mystery.

  4. So you’re saying if you’re lazy then you won’t be able to find amazing things like castles and witches and if you’re adventurous you can find dungeons and abandoned mine shafts? That’s very interesting and fascinating. I’d choose the adventurous side so I could find mine shafts which would be cool. :D! Nice job Michael!

  5. I like this book review about witches and wizards and how not to be lazy and to be adventurous. I also like wizards too. I think i might read this book because it seems like an amazing book to read.

  6. Michael, your book review made me want to read this book! I also especially liked your comment about the importance of not being lazy so you open yourself to new adventures. I was interested in your story about the woman in Fiji who lived in a hut but still loved her home — it made me think of the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” Great job!

  7. I really want to read that book because of the review you did. I think that your right “Home is where the heart is” and that you should not be lazy. this book is probaly gonna be one of the best books i’ve ever

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