Ninjago, Reviewed by Jacky

Do you love ninjas? Well probably you should read Ninjago because it has lots of ninjas fighting and training. Also four ninjas battle the snakes because they took their weapons. They all are awesome because they have lots of skills lots of training to do if they want to be a very trained ninja.

Well, my favorite part of Ninjago is that Cole got his full powers and turned bright as the sun. It was cool because he lifted up lots of suitcases and picked up his father. That’s my favorite part because he could of suffocated under those suitcases!

by Jacky

Fifth Grade

Betty’s Class


5 thoughts on “Ninjago, Reviewed by Jacky

  1. Jacky, yes I do like ninjas! I like this book review its very good and I think I’ll read that book. I also like ninjago and Cole! Thanks for the book review! I’m going to go read it now…

  2. HEY Jacky, I love ninjago because they fight for others by training and risk their lives fighting bad guys.

  3. Jacky I think your favorite parts funny because thats my cousins favorite part.I think ninjas are awesome soI might read this book for fun thank you for the book review.

  4. Hi Jacky, I like your book review about Ninjago. I learn kung fu at the USA KUNG FU SCHOOL and my cousins love Ninjago.

  5. Jacky, I like how you said that Do you Love Ninjas? Because I do .I love Ninjago too.

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