Captain Underpants, Reviewed by Jayvon

This book is the adventure of Captain Underpants,written by Dav Pilkey. I recommend the book to others because it is funny, the reader will enjoy a good laugh. The book is about these two boys prank people and others. In this book, the principal was a bully but the two boys turned him into Captain Underpants with a magic ring. It was funny. It’s a great thing, but remember you can’t do it in real life.

What I learned from Captain Underpants is that you should not prank people. If you do you could get suspended from school. My brother and I used to prank each other but then my stopped it when I was about nine.

by Jayvon

Grade Five

Betty’s Class


3 thoughts on “Captain Underpants, Reviewed by Jayvon

  1. Jayvon, I like what you said about pranks. They can be really funny but also really hurtful. You have to think carefully before you do them. One funny prank was when my cousin dressed up like a waiter at a restaurant and tricked his parents, serving them the whole dinner before he took off his fake mustache and said, “It’s me guys!” Nice job!

  2. Jayvan I agree not to pull pranks. I remember when my friend that dressed up like a pot and tricked her grandma. She was laughing. when her grandma pulled her out she surprised her grandma.

  3. Jayvon I like the book review that you wrote. I have read this book before. I think that it is a good book to. I like the adventures of it and the exiting parts of the book to. You did a good and great job on the book review. I just think this book is awesome because of all the amazing parts that are intreating. This book made me laugh a little bit. But anyway i love this book.

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