Help! I’m Trapped In The First Day of School, Reviewed by Ivoryonne

It was 7:00am it was the first day of  8th grade for Jake Sherman. Jake is now a Knight of wedgies with his friend Alex Silver. Now this year Jake and Alex pull pranks and bully 6th graders…[etc.] Jake takes a twist when he meets a girl named Amber, now since Jake met a girl  he cares about will things change. My favorite part of the story is when Jake told Alex not to put a 6th graders [which is boy] in the girls’ bathroom 1) Because he knew that Amber was in there and 2) He thought about how bullying is wrong. I learned that you can always fix something when it’s wrong.

It was the next day, Jake woke up. He got ready for school, When he went outside he found himself doing the same thing as yesterday. Now that the 1st day of school doesn’t stop what will Jake do? Read this hilarious  and curious book. It will have you laughing in tears and will have you leaving yourself in wonder. If you can read up to 114 pages and if your 8-10 years old this is the book for you.

By Ivoryonne

Grade Five

Betty’s Classroom

Published by: Scholastic Inc.

Year Published: 1994


4 thoughts on “Help! I’m Trapped In The First Day of School, Reviewed by Ivoryonne

  1. OMG Ivoryonne I like this book so far because you gave good information. And i will be so mad if i was stuck in the first day of school, also I will freak out. I wonder how you felt about the book? If I was to repeat days I will do something fun so I could do it again. You are making me want to read this book.

  2. I like how write about the book can you tell me how much the book cost I want to buy it. plese tell me more about the book so I can no more.

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